Beliebers and Angels, Cody Simpson just revealed some pretty exciting details about one of his collabs with Justin Bieber. Let the freakout begin!

Speaking on Australian talk show 'The Bump,' the 'Surfboard' singer reportedly dished on one of his Bieber-assisted tracks -- even letting fans in on the poignant title.

"One song we just finished is 'Boy Without a Home' which we both relate to," Simpson revealed (quote via J-14).

Of course, Simpson and Bieber die-hards will remember the title from a tweet that the Aussie hottie wrote last year, referring to the song as "pretty personal & emotional":

While we'd be excited for the collab no matter what, the fact that the song's title is so intriguing and the subject-matter is so personal to the guys, we're even more psyched to hear it. From a fan's perspective, there is just nothing like hearing your favorite artist(s) get raw and real on a song that is so personal to them.

And of course, we're still (not-so-patiently) waiting on the details of the singers' epic "special collaboration," which Simpson hinted may be an entire album. Until then, we'll take all of the details we can get about each individual song! (Hear that, Cody?)

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