When PopCrush met up with Cody Simpson this spring, we couldn't wait to talk about 'Surfboard' and his upcoming album. Even though Cody has so many exciting things happening right now, we couldn't resist playing a game of Pop Dive so we could ask him about his childhood favorites.

The singer opened up about his first celeb crush, the first album he ever purchased (which totally surprised us, by the way!), his favorite Disney song and more! And because all kids love cartoons, we had to ask Cody which ones he liked the best.

Simpsonizers and Angels, if you think you know everything about Cody, then you definitely need to check out this video. You might be surprised to find yourself learning even more trivia about the 'Surfboard' singer. (Yeah, we were pretty stoked too.)

While you patiently wait for Cody to drop his next album, watch him play Pop Dive in the video above!

Plus: Watch Cody Talk About 'Surfboard,' 'Dancing With the Stars' + More!

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