So, I'm driving into work this morning, and I see some movement down in the area of the wipers on the outside of the windshield. Being the fall season, I didn't think too much of it at first, as I thought it was just some leaves that were about to blow off the car. But then I noticed one of the leaves was staring back at me, looking mildly terrified.

I figured out pretty quickly that there was a little mouse hanging out. We've been keeping our cars outdoors the last few weeks, because the garage has been full of brand new firewood that needed to be stacked. So this little dude must've crawled under the hood somewhere to keep dry from all the rain. Look at the little mousie!!

I wish I'd kept filming, because it only got funnier from there. It crawled all the way up the antenna, and kept sliding back down. And then it would crawl back up again. Finally, I had to just flick him off the antenna onto the ground below. But it landed gently in the leaves and grass, unharmed. And I watched it crawl away, fit as a fiddle and ready for love.

So I guess, watch for mice on your windshield?!?!

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