UPDATE (4/29): Listen to the newly released "This Is What You Came For" above!

Frederick M. Brown / Brian Killian, Getty Images
Frederick M. Brown / Brian Killian, Getty Images

When Rihanna turned out to be the special guest performer during Calvin Harris' Coachella set, it wasn't too much of a surprise. Anyone who's heard their hit "We Found Love" -- or, well, anyone who was conscious and aware of Top 40 radio in 2011 -- can attest to the fact that they work extremely well together, in-studio and onstage. It only makes sense that they'd eventually try and recreate that magic with another song, right?

Harris announced "This Is What You Came For" via Twitter on April 27, first teasing fans with “New single info in a few hours,” before revealing the actual news hours later along with the single artwork.

Harris' girlfriend Taylor Swift also helped things along by posting the artwork to Instagram, along with the caption "OMG" — which, it turns out, is likely disingenuous in its purported surprise. Remember that bomber jacket/hoodie/whatever it was Taylor was wearing when she first unveiled her new bleach blonde hair? She knew all along.

Will "This Is What You Came For" be as good as "We Found Love"? Is that even a viable possibility at this point? Probably not, but that's not a slight against either artist, if anything it's a compliment to the staying power of their first collaboration, which will never be out of place at any event ever.

Listen to "This Is What You Came For" above.

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