Yesterday was National Moon Day. The moon that is like a big pizza pie, in the sky, but actually is made of cheese.

And to celebrate here comes this month’s Full Moon.  And Maine is expected to have crystal clear skies for viewing. So Friday all you have to do is look up.  It’ll reach its peak at 10:37 p.m.

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You should see the Buck Moon. Yep, Mainer. A full moon named after a deer. July is the month that buck deer get new antlers pushing out from their foreheads.  Each year it is a larger and more impressive set of antlers.

But wait there is more.  It’s also known by a few other names. And the reason that names have numerous names is way back in the day, Native American tribes named the moons, but there were many different tribes in different regions of the country, so therefore the same moon was named differently.

It’s also the Full Thunder Moon, because this is the time of the year that thunderstorms occur more often.

Salmon Moon because salmon use the moon during their migrating swim.

Moon when the Chokecherries are Ripe. Halfway Summer Moon. Feather Molting Moon.  Raspberry Moon. Ripe Corn Moon.

Want to learn something? The moon is covered in more dust than the treadmill in your spare room. Did you know that the Astronauts that walked on the moon, don't have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, they have a moon. And the moon doesn't have a 'dark side', just a 'misunderstood side'. Okay enough. Enjoy the view and don’t get a crick in your neck, or too many mosquito bites.

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