Growing up in Millinocket, the sound of the town's fire horn was always there at 8:00 a.m. sharp (unless the time change hit and no changed the fire horn time to match. Then it blew at 9:00 p.m., when the curfew hit, and our parents told us to be home when we heard the horn.

And then there were snow days...if we heard the 8-8-8 blast, we knew there was no school! And of course, when a fire call came in, it would blast the location where the fire was.

But now, the town's horn has been silenced, and residents are fighting to bring it back!

A group of Millinocket resident have taken to Facebook with the page 'Bring Back Our Horn!' and according to the group "Over the years we have lost a tremendous amount as a community and now our beloved horn was turned off. It may not seem like much but it is a tradition, it's part of our heritage and it's gone because someone complained so the town manger turned it off! I'd like to complain that the horn doesn't sound twice a day...what about the rest of you?"

The past two nights in Millinocket, those wanting the horn brought back have gathered in downtown Millinocket and have blown their car horns, air horns...anything that will get the attention of the Town Council to have one part of Millinocket's past left in tact! (You can see it in the video above courtesy of Tricia Cyr.)

A local car dealer has offered his lot as a place for supporters to congregate tonight, just down from the Millinocket Fire Department, and will give everyone a coupon for an oil change just for showing their support to the supporters of this cause! hometown, it's been through so much turmoil and change, COME ON TOWN COUNCIL...Respect this community that's still proud of it's town and only wants a bit of it's history restored and left well enough alone!!

To voice your concern, politely please, call (207) 723-7000 press 5 and you will be heard!

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