We've mentioned before just how much fun taking a trip on a train in Maine can be. To entice you to not only take some time to enjoy the beauty of a train ride, but also inspire you to donate to a good cause, the folks from the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad,  (who offer scenic tours, special events, family activities) are holding a special "Toys For Tots" fundraiser this Saturday.

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According to their Facebook Page, you can bring a donation of a toy and wave the price of a ticket.

"Bring a new unwrapped toy (one per person) to Unity Station (or buy a ticket) and hop aboard! All toys will be given to Waldo County children in need. Departures 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm."

Belfast Moosehead Lake Railroad 2, Cori Skall
Belfast Moosehead Lake Railroad 2, Cori Skall

What a great way to help your kids take part in giving to someone in need this holiday season, while also taking time to make a really cool memory with them!

The Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad runs out of the train depot at 212 Depot St. in Unity. The drive out to the station is a scenic one, with plenty of gently winding roads.

Belfast Moosehead Lake Railroad 3, Cori Skall
Belfast Moosehead Lake Railroad 3, Cori Skall

The holiday season tends to get really busy really quickly. And before the last leaves of fall drop to the ground, and the cold snow of winter arrives, here's an opportunity to enjoy a family weekend, and the warmth of knowing you helped kids in Waldo County this Christmas, by donating to this Toys For Tots train ride.

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