A Brewer man faces charges after police say he falsely accused a city employee of assaulting him and taking away his wheelchair.

Randy Tompkins, 55, faces a charge of False Public Alarm or Report.

Tompkins filed a police report alleging that on August 4 a hostile city employee had forcibly taken his wheelchair away from and engaged in a course of conduct tantamount to theft and assault.

The Brewer Police Department conducted an investigation which included interviews of Tompkins and two city employees who were present. The Police Department also reviewed the security camera footage from City Hall which showed the event in detail.

As a result of this investigation it was determined that Tompkins knowingly provided false and misleading statements in his complaint to police alleging criminal conduct, which did in fact not occur, police said.

Tompkins refused to sign the summons despite being warned that his failure to do so would result in his arrest.

Tompkins was arrested for Failure to Sign a Uniform Summons and Complaint Form.

Tompkins was handcuffed in front and was allowed to operate his motorized scooter out of the Public Safety Building to an awaiting police vehicle in the front lot. Tompkins sped away from the officers and attempted to drive his scooter over and down the steps. Brewer officers were able to grab the scooter just as it was starting to go over the stairs, preventing Tompkins from injuring himself. As a result of his conduct, Tompkins was also charged with Failure to Submit to Arrest.

In 2015, the Brewer Police Department dealt with Tompkins on a similar manner of false reporting against a city employee, as well as aggressive behavior that occurred at one of the schools. Tompkins was warned for false reporting, and issued a trespass warning for Brewer Schools.

Tompkins is currently barred from several city buildings and prevented from contacting certain city employees due to active bail conditions. Additionally, he is currently barred from entering buildings operated by the Brewer School Department.