If you haven’t hiked Blue Hill Mountain recently, this weekend would be a great time to do so.

Blue Hill YMCA, a branch of the Downeast Family YMCA is hosting a Rise Together Hike this Saturday morning beginning at 9:30. And it is also a fundraiser.

The event is free, and if you are one of the first 50 to register you will receive an Embrace the Mountain T-Shirt free. There is a suggested donation of $10 per hiker. And the monies raised will benefit the Blue Hill YMCA’s Embrace Suicide Survivors Program.

Blue Hill YMCA Health & Wellness Director Joy Bragdon says

The impact of suicide in our lives is obviously very difficult, but a sense of community is supportive and helps so much for all. The stories shared amongst each other is very helpful, and this event helps build awareness.

So go ahead and get signed up thru the Blue Hill YMCA and get that T-Shirt and go and hike this treasure.

Here’s the map of Blue Hill Mountain if you’re not familiar.

Blue Hill Heritage Trust
Blue Hill Heritage Trust

Here’s a video to watch (hopefully while you’re on the clock at work) for those to haven’t done this great hike, or just to refresh your memory. Or for that matter, just to waste a few minutes at work.

Here is your start


Here’s your view back down the hill.

Blue Hill Heritage Trust
Blue Hill Heritage Trust

But it doesn’t do the view justice.

And for those not familiar with the Blue Hill YMCA, check out their beautiful facility behind Tradewinds, the Lawrence Family Fitness Center. And think about a Saturday morning hike up Blue Hill Mountain for a very worthy cause.

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