A Massachusetts man died Thursday night after falling from his tree stand in a remote part of the Maine woods.

Thomas Pelletier, 62, of Wareham, Mass., had been hunting bear in T4ND located north of Duck Lake in Hancock County, according to a news release.

Pelletier was with his friend Richard Rooks, 56, of Westford, Mass. At approximately 7:45 pm, Rooks went to Pelletier’s tree stand to pick him up, but found him unresponsive from an apparent accidental fall. After attempting to revive Pelletier, Rooks went for help.

The Maine Warden Service along with Lincoln Fire and Rescue responded to the scene. Upon their arrival, it was determined that Pelletier was deceased. Game wardens worked through the night with the Medical Examiner’s Office to document the incident and remove Pelletier from the woods. Game wardens continue to investigate this incident.

Game Wardens want to remind hunters that tree stand falls account for hundreds of injuries in the US every year, including some deaths. Hunters should follow the tree stand manufacturer’s instructions for proper use of a full-body tree stand safety harness.

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