The Bangor School Department sent out several alerts this past week letting parents know that a few of the schools in the city had already reported instances of confirmed Covid-19 cases. Schools that reported these cases included the Doughty School, Fruit St., Fourteenth St., Abraham Lincoln, and Bangor High...And we're not even halfway through the first month.

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It was those cases, and the questions surrounding them, that dominated the conversation at Thursday's Bangor School Committee meeting, which was aired live over Facebook, with new Superintendent, James Tager, in attendance.

The discussion covered everything from the protocol being used in the Bangor area this year, for masking and quarantining, to the new way of alerting parents of school-specific cases.

Towards the end of the meeting, Superintendent Tager commented that 87.6% of Bangor School Teachers have been vaccinated; a sentiment that the School Department proudly shared on the Bangor School Department Facebook Page:

"Vaccination rates are reported monthly with the Maine Department of Education. As an additional mitigation strategy that will be implemented in the upcoming days; the BSD will be participating in pooled testing in partnership with the State of Maine Department of Education. This layered approach provides preventive measures that Bangor has implemented to strive to protect In-person learning for students, parents, faculty, staff, and our community."

Tager also reiterated that Bangor Schools will continue to make good use of tools like social distancing, practicing good hygiene, improved ventilation systems and masking for everyone, to attempt to keep Covid case numbers down.

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