Did you know that the Bangor Police Department has treadmills for their police dogs? We didn't either until this adorable video of Jesi appeared on the Bangor Police Department Facebook page.

According to the world famous TC, Jesi runs on the treadmill for about a mile each day. Watching the video, you can tell she loves it. Even when the treadmill stops for a moment she sits and patiently waits for it to start back up. Why all this running?

"It keeps her energy at a level that we can handle," TC writes. "Otherwise, she is bouncing off walls and sniffing regions of officers that need not to be mentioned."

It's wit like that that made this man a worldwide internet sensation and video like this one that is going to make Jesi everyone's favorite drug sniffing dog.

With all that's going on in the world right now and negativity on Facebook, it's nice to see that cute dog videos still exist there to bring us all back to that happy place. Thanks Jesi and TC!


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