The Bangor Police Department is looking into an incident that took place not too far from Downtown Tuesday evening.

Sergeant Jason McAmbley, Public Information Officer with the Bangor Police Department, says someone called authorities around 8 PM on Tuesday to report hearing a gun go off.

"Bangor Police were called to Warren Street, between Fourth and Pier Streets, for what was reported as a weapons discharge. Officers spoke with multiple people in the area, many of whom stated hearing what they described as ‘pops,’ coming from the vicinity of a specific address. Officers also spoke to people inside the residence at the specific address, all of whom stated they also heard ‘pops,’ didn’t realize it was possibly gunshots, and couldn’t provide any further or more specific information. "

A woman who lives nearby said she was heading home and had just come through that intersection when she heard the noise. She was one of the folks to call the police and report it.

"We had just got home when those shots rang out. Probably a 1/2 block from our house. It was clearly gunshots a few minutes after 8 pm. We called as soon as we got inside"

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Sgt. McAmbley said they are still investigating the incident. If you have any information or witnessed anything odd in that area of town, which may be connected to this situation, you can call the Bangor Police Department's anonymous tip line at 207-947-7382 ext. 3.

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