Backstreet’s back and ready to go EDM.

In an exclusive with Entertainment Tonight, the Backstreet Boys teased their plans to court EDM heavy-hitters for their tenth album upon achieving a new deal with RCA Records.

“We’re reaching out to people who we were always inspired by or who may have been fans and we didn’t even know,” AJ McLean told ET of the group’s prospects for their long-awaited record.

“Nick’s been talking to Steve Aoki, Howie talked to Zedd, who’s been a big, big fan [and] Diplo, we’ve also talked to. We’ve also done stuff with The Chainsmokers and those guys are amazing and out in Vegas with a residency as well, so who knows" he shared.

Earlier this week, Carter also hinted at hit-making producer Timbaland’s involvement with the resurgence of the boy band of two decades on Instagram.

With a successful country crossover smash under their belts (Florida Georgia Line’s “God, Your Mama, and Me”) the pop icons sound more confident than ever about what they have in store for their fans.

“I can definitely say with complete faith that this album’s going to go back to what’s true about the group: great melodies, great songs, great harmony,” McLean said. “I don’t think we’re going to try to go outside of who we are. This has been working, so let’s stick to what we know!”

Let’s hope the boys of Backstreet aren’t playing games with our hearts about these collaborations.

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