A very historic piece of real estate is for sale in Brewer.

In the market for a church? The First Congregational Church of Brewer is for sale. The 17,424 square-foot building located off Church St. in Brewer is listed for $249,000. According to the ERA Dawson-Bradford Co. property listing, the church is one of the oldest and most historical churches in central and eastern Maine. Matter of fact, the only thing keeping this building off the National Registry of Historic Places is its vinyl siding.

First Congregational Church of Brewer
Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media

The building has an incredible 218-year history. It was founded September 9, 1800. According to the First Congregational Church of Brewer, Civil War Brigadier General, Joshua L. Chamberlain, worshiped at the church. The church also participated in the Underground Railroad during the Civil War.

The church also has ties to the Boy Scouts of America. According to the BDN, it was home to Boy Scout Troop 1. The Troop was chartered on October 25, 1909. Why is that date so significant? It predates the official formation of the Boy Scouts of America by four months. The origins of the Boy Scouts stems from England. When the troop was founded by Frederick Oliver, the Brewer Congregational Scouts were originally registered with the Boy Scouts of England.

Joshua L. Chamberlain Museum

If you're looking for a haunted destination this summer, it's rumored the Joshua L. Chamberlain Museum in Brunswick is still home to Mr. Chamberlain and his wife. Visitors have reportedly seen them still roaming the halls. Some visitors have felt pain in their hips, approximately where Chamberlain was shot one of six times during the Civil War. Chamberlain would ultimately die in 1914 at age 85 due to complications from the wound. He was the last Civil War veteran to die as a result of wounds from the war.

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