Loud booms come with summers in Maine, and for dog owners this can be a rough time. Here are some tips to keep your pup happy this summer.

Loud noises can be scary or at least unappealing to humans, so it's easy to see why a dog with much more sensitive ears would be uncomfortable or even anxious. According to Pet Web MD here are some suggestions for easing your furry friend's fears:

1. Start handling 'storm phobia' early on. Ignoring it could make it worse. Cuddling is a must!

2. Do things to keep your dog's mind off the noises outside. Play with a toy, offer food, play soft music. Below is a sample of what to play for your dog during times of distress.

3. Offer treats when you hear a loud noise as soon as it starts. There is nothing wrong with a dog associating loud noises with treats.

4. Give them a place to go when they are scared. This safe place should be secluded but safe. Some dogs get so panicked they will start to chew anything in sight or thrash around locked rooms. Decide on the best safe space based on your pups personality.

5. Get them a 'thunder shirt'. These are specially designed for dogs to create a comforting weight on their bodies as well as shielding them from the extra electricity in the air caused by thunder storms, that animals are more sensitive to.

6. Desensitize your dog over time. Create loud noises as a regular part of your day so other loud noises do not seem unusual. Note. This does't work for all dogs, but is worth a try.

7. Ask your doctor about medications for severe cases. There are multiple anti anxiety drugs as well as natural pheromone therapies that can help very scared pooches.

What are some other ways you calm your dog down during storms or fireworks?

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