Actually, it smells like crap...

Walking Dead fans will understand the importance of smelling dead. However, smearing zombie guts on yourself tends to be gross, until now!

Demeter has created a new fragrance line called Zombie for Him and Her. The fragrences are 'designed' to allow the user to slip under the noses of zombies. If you smell dead, the dead don't notice you. Simple concept.The company says the frangrances are 'totally wearable.' I think not.

The Zombie for Him is an earthy smell, like a forest. So unless you plan to hit the bar smelling like you rolled in leaves and bear crap; refrain from purchases.

Ever smelled grass clippings, stored in a plastic bag and left out in the summer sun for a few weeks? Throw in a dash of wine and ladies, that's Zombie for Her! Mmmm baby!

If you're interested in finding out how Rick and crew slipped semi-unnoticed by zombies in season one of the Walking Dead skip to about 2:30 in the video below.

Warning-This scene is absolutely disgusting! Cologne kinda seems like a good idea at this point