A woman hit what she thought was a house cat while driving her van in Veazie late Tuesday night, according to Bangor police. But, after deciding to give the injured animal a lift to Bangor, found out her passenger was not your average tabby.

Bangor Police Officer John Robinson, while on patrol, stopped on Harlow Street near City Hall, where three people were standing next to the woman's van.

According to his report, the woman told him she thought the cat was seriously injured or deceased so she put the cat inside her van. Only after it became alert did she realize the cat was actually a bobcat. She then left the car, followed by the bobcat, which hid under the vehicle.

Sgts, Robert Bishop, Larry Weber and Officer Gary Decker arrived. Sgt, Bishop used a catch pole to secure the bobcat until Maine Game Warden Fahey arrived and took control of the animal.

The injured bobcat was later euthanized. Police did not release the woman's name and no charges were filed.

Bangor police took the opportunity to remind people that one should always be careful handling injured animals and call local animal control officer or Game Wardens when in doubt.