Facebook has gone far too far!

Facebook has made the switch. Messages for Android and iPhone users can only be viewed through Facebook's separate app, Messenger. If you have downloaded the app, you're now giving Facebook VERY private info.

Facebook claims Messenger is a better app for sending messages, pictures and video. What they aren't telling you is they're mining your phone for private info.

Think I'm a loon? Check out some of the things Messenger can do behind the scenes:

  • Altering your phone's network connectivity - Facebook can change or alter your connection to the internet or cell service. This basically means Facebook can turn features on your phone on and off, without you knowing.
  • Call contacts and send texts - Yup! Facebook could call folks or text them on your behalf. NO THANKS!
  • Access to your camera - This is just plain creepy! Facebook can take photos or video of you through your phone's camera! For instance, if you receive a message and don't look at it right away, Facebook might want to know why. They'll pop your camera up on their screen and see what you're up to. Or maybe they'll just listen to what you're doing with your phone's microphone. Yep they'll do that too! Oh yes, they also record it all.
  • Read your texts - You better believe they read your texts! This made me delete the app. I had a chat with a friend through text. We where talking about Fitbits. Guess what ads started popping up on my Facebook after! Maybe a creep coincidence? They also can access your call history. Who you call, how often, time and how long you chat. This also goes for email.
  • Access to your app list - Yep...what apps you're using, how often, how long and so on!

As an added bonus, the Messenger app sucks. It has a 1 out of 5 star rating in the App store right now. It also has a crappy rating in the Google Play store.

The moral of the story is if you value what's left of your privacy, DELETE MESSENGER! You can still send messages through your phone if you open Facebook in a browser. Or you could (brace yourself for this) CALL or TEXT your friend.