I did it! I ordered MY dress! I'm so beyond indecisive it's not funny! HA HA! Now the next question, which bridesmaid dress should I go with?

My best friends Mary and Natasha are going to stand up with me and they have tried on these dresses and like them all. Keep in mind, none of these are the right COLOR. You are only helping me choose the style. I'm pretty close to choosing my colors, but until I'm 100% I think I'll keep that to myself. If you have color suggestions though, feel free to comment on this post!

I took screenshots of my Pinterest pins. Obviously. Haven't we all been planning our dream wedding on Pinterest long before the ring? If I can admit it, you can too! I think engaged woman are all planning two weddings at the same time. First the actual (within budget) wedding and you're still Pinning away planning your dream (you'll be in debt forever) Pinterest wedding. Am I wrong? HAHA! Anyway, please vote for your favorite style bridesmaids dress. I need all the help I can get!

If you like any of these you can check them out on the Alfred Angelo website! Dress # 1, Dress #2,Dress #3 & Dress #4! You can also go right in and see Holli at Dream Dress Bridal! You can also click on the photos below to make them larger.

Thanks for your input! It really does help! Stay tuned for more updates. I'm looking at another venue today! Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Future Mrs. O