I was going through some old photos on Facebook and came across a doozy!!!

This picture is from my first radio job at Y-101/WGUY, back in 19...ah never mind  I'd like to point out a few things that I noticed in this photo, all of which should give you a good chuckle, although you are probably reading this sitting at home eating Cheetos in your underwear, so don't judge.

A- There are turntables. We used play these weird things called "records" on them. Also, notice there is a coin on the arm of one of them, to keep the records from skipping.

B- Notice the giant pair of glasses that I had, that I wasn't wearing...Sorry mom.

C- The stylish rotary wall phone in the background. At least you could complete a call back then without it dropping out on you.

D- A Reel-To-Reel machine. That's how we phone calls to put listeners on the air, back in Ye' Olden Days.

E- I'm warm and comfy, with a cheap heater, that probably was manufactured during the Nixon administration.

F- And finally, next to my super hip glasses, there are these things called "Cart Machines" We played commercials on these and they looked like 8 track tapes ( I don't have enough time to describe those...hahaha)

So there it is. Feel free to make fun of it by commenting below. Oh, and you're welcome