Severe thunder storms and tornado warnings, happy weekend...

It looks like I dodged a bullet being out of the area yesterday. While I was soaking up the sun at Totman Cove Beach in Phippsburg, several counties were under tornado warnings.

The national Weather Service issued a tornado warning for northern Aroostook county at 3:30 Sunday afternoon. The warning was for the Eagle lake area, scary close to my families camp on St. Froid Lake. The warning was later suspended at 3:45.

Another warning was issued at 4:30 that afternoon for southern Somerset county and eastern Franklin county. The warning later expired at 5. A brief warning tornado warning was issued for northern and central Penobscot county.

There where no reports of any tornado touchdowns. Severe thunderstorms also sparked scattered power outages throughout the state.

All while this was going on, this was what I was doing!

UPDATE:12:30 - The National Weather Service is looking into several reports of funnel clouds yesterday. Some residents reported funnels touching down briefly. None have been confirmed yet.