The city of Bangor is looking to remodel West Market Square.

Plans to breath new life into Bangor's downtown square have been laid out, some say 'yay' some say 'nay.' The city wants the square to be more of a gateway to the waterfront. The improvements would increase event space, safety and allow the city to make utility upgrades. The plan also calls for Broad street to be closed for good, something local business owners are not happy about.

The game plan is for everything in the square to be removed, essentially starting from scratch. Under the square is century old water and sewer lines, something the city has wanted to update for a while.

After the city would set up new lighting poles that would double the lighting in the square. That should make the square more inviting and safer.

Small trees and perennials would then replace the tall overgrown shrubs and trees that block visibility.

The plan calls for the sidewalk to be widened shutting down the entrance to broad street near Paddy Murphy's. It's good news for Paddy's, as they may be able to expand their outside dining area. Other businesses say that it will be difficult for emergency crews, delivery drivers and patrons to assess some businesses. Also five parking spaces would be lost with the widening.

The construction could start as soon as October, pending a council vote.

Other projects the city is looking to do includes Pickering Square. A study is being done to see if the city's bus hub could be moved. Pickering Square has drawn many complaints from business owners about the behavior of the transients and loiterers. However, complaints are down after Bangor PD started a downtown foot patrol.