Take a listen to this week's featured DJ! DJ Paul Wolfe!

Weekend Warmup is you chance to learn more about the incredibly talented DJ's and producers in Maine. Every Saturday get ready for the night by crankin' up some killer homegrown mixes from the 207!

This week I'm featuring myself, DJ Paul Wolfe. Ego trip. Not really. I've been DJing for 10 years. My first gig was a pool party, using car speakers and a CD player. Safe to say I've evolved my gear over the years.

Bret Labellle Photography

At first I was content with DJing school dances, parties and weddings. However, when I turned 21 my goals changed. I started working on club style mixing. It didn't take long to get booked at Benjamin's on Franklin in Bangor, now the Phoenix Pub.

You can find me every weekend at bars and clubs from Bangor to Portland. Keep up with me by liking my Facebook page.

Take a listen to a piece of my set live from Tantrum Nightclub in Bangor.

Note: Mix Contains NSFW Language