City officials are ready for noise complaints...

As the outdoor music season starts with Rise Above Fest, concerns with noise are likely to resurface. A show that featured similar music acts, The Mayhem Festival, last year drew 25 sound complaints. More is being done this year to help find a solution to the battle of the boom.

Various meetings on noise concerns yielded suggestions like lowering the sound by 10 decibels for one a music dude I can tell you that would kill the appeal of a live show for concert goers. 10 decibels makes a huge difference. Another suggestion called for more research on the Waterfront's sound output, that idea is moving forward.

The city will be working with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and Boston based audio consultant, Acentech. Throughout the year, three stations will monitor sound coming from the venue. One site will be in Brewer, another in Bangor. The third site will be the venue's mix tower.

The study has a price tag of $25,000, $15,000 in which will be paid by Waterfront Concerts.

City officials ask that anyone with a noise complaint to call Bangor’s Parks and Recreation Department at 992-4490. Please do not call the police or City Hall.