Hey...let's all surf the interwebs!!

It's always amusing to watch teenagers diss everything that came before them. We all did it. I remember laughing hysterically at rotary phones and 8-track players.

The Fine Bros. have come up with another in their awesome series 'Teens React To'. They stick kids in front of a computer and show them something hideous from the past and usually the reactions are priceless.

Back in the mid to late 90's, the new and exciting toy known as "The Internet" was sweeping the nation and naturally everyone wanted to figure out how to operate this breathrough in technology. What better way to figure out how to navigate the choppy waters of the web, then with an insturctional video. Throw in a cheesy family you might see on a TGIF type sitcom and you have the makings of a funny comedy bit 18 years later.

Check out the very video they are mocking, straight from a 90's time warp.