The "bromance" just got kicked up a notch!

Let's face it, do you really watch "The Voice" to see who wins? You watch it for the hijnx between Adam and Blake. I not sure if I can even remember who won last time around, because I am constantly entertained by the man love that Levine and Shelton have for each other and they are raising the stakes on their male bonding.

A few weeks back, Shelton tweeted out Adam's phone number and much to his horror, the phone blew up with people calling from all over the globe, so Adam waited and planned his revenge.

On last night's episode host Carson Daily showed a red pickup truck in the parking lot of the studios where "The Voice" films and does live shows and that truck belonged to Blake Shelton...You didn't think Shakira would drive a pickup do ya?

Just seconds after you see the truck, you see more cow poop thrown into the back of the truck then even Biff from "Back To The Future" ever got. Blake's reaction is priceless and you can almost see the wheels turning on what prank to play next in the bromance of all bromances.