Three new movies open today at Bangor Mall Cinemas

Screen legends Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas and Morgan freeman lead an all-star cast in the comedy "Last Vegas" and a new flick for the kids "Free Birds" opens today! And Harrison Ford returns to the screen in the thriller "Enders Game"

Here are the showtimes and trailers for everything playing. Be sure to tune in weekday mornings at 8:10 for the "Impossible Question" to win tix to the flix from The Z Morning Show.

Last Vegas(PG-13) 1:00pm/3:20pm/6:40pm/9:00pm

Free Birds (G) 12:30pm/2:30pm/6:30pm/ IN 3D-4:3pm/8:30pm

Ender's Game (PG-13) 1:30pm/4:00pm/7:00pm/9:30pm

Jackass Presents:Bad Grandpa (R) 1:40pm/3:40pm/5:40pm7:45pm/9:45pm

The Counselor (R) 1:55pm/4:30pm/7:10pm/9:50pm

Carrie (R) 12:30pm/2:50pm/5:15pm/7:40pm/10:00pm

Captain Phillips (PG-13) 12:40pm/3:30pm/6:30pm/9:20pm

Gravity (R) IN 3D- 1:45pm/3:45pm/5:45pm/7:45pm/9:45pm

Escape Plan (R) 1:30pm/4:00pm/6:50pm/9:30pm

The Fifth Estate (R) 1:10pm/3:50pm/7:00pm/9:40pm

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (G) 1:20pm/6:20pm In 3D-4:00pm/8:30pm