A teddy bear as a gift for Valentine's Day can be a sweet and thoughtful gift...Usually.

Authorities in Chelsea, Massachusetts have arrested a man who received a teddy bear for Valentines' Day that was stuffed with ten grand worth of meth.

The cops brought in a drug sniffing dog after postal workers noticed a suspicious looking package that was addressed to Lawrence Ligocki. The dog confirmed the presence of drugs, so the cops staked out staked out Lignocki's house, posing as a mailman and delivered the package and Lawrence signed for it and was also give the romantic gift of a search warrant.

Police found 100 grams of crystal meth in the bear and even more in Ligocki's home. He pleaded not gulity to drug trafficking charges and was freed on $150 bail.

Ligocki claims he wasn't expecting the package...ooh secret admirer? He may repeat those words somewhere down the line in a correctional facility...Hey Now!