Let's face it, airport security can be a pain. However, next time you grumbling about taking off your shoes think about this list of items confiscated this year by TSA. Let's just say footwear may be the least of TSA's concerns.

Of the 375 million passengers that have passed through TSA check points this year, some have accidentally left banned items in their bags or pockets while others where...more brazen.

Try this on for size, this year 821 firearms were found in carry-on bags. Of those, 691 where loaded while 210 where locked and loaded. CREEPY! One nut bag even attempted to bury a gun in a potted plant.

Some geniuses also traveled with explosives packed with their toothbrushes, while some just couldn't take to the friendly skies without their trusty swords. I presume it was for protection...against dragons.

What else has TSA found this year? I thought you'd never ask!

  • Bear mace (Dog the Bounty Hunter was flying?)
  • A spear gun
  • Dead, venomous snakes
  • Chainsaw full off gas (which I want back!)

 Friendly skies indeed!