Heeeeeere's Johnny!...and Dave, Jay, Conan, Jimmy and Jimmy.

The TV talk show is probably Hollywood's favorite invention. Finally, celebrities had a forum to plug thier latest projects to millions of viewers. Got a new movie? Show a clip and tell a funny story to the host. Got a new album out? Come play a song! Many famous comedians got their start on talk shows and even the usually non-funny political figures make an apperance to get the vote out, starting famously with Bill Clinton playing his sax on Arsenio Hall.

Talk shows have evolved to the social media age, with people like Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel using Twitter and Facebook to promote their shows with viral videos. About the only thing that hasn't changed is the format and setup...a desk and a couch or chairs and an opening monolouge.

Everyone has an opinion on who is the best and it usually starts with the king, Johnny Carson. Some people prefer Dave over Jay, or Fallon over Kimmel and Conan. Whatever your personal taste may be, the talk show continues to thrive and since tomorrow is "TV Talk Show Day" here are some clips to honor these funny people, including our own local talk show host, our old friend Danny Cashman.