Apparently the zombie apocalypse will start here in Maine. You may not want to drink this city's water.

Back in June of 2014 Portland's Old Port was the set of a zombie flick 'Night of the Living Deb.' On October 6 it became available for streaming on Netflix.

IMDb summerises the horror-comedy:

"After a girls' night out, endearingly awkward Deb wakes up in the apartment of the most attractive guy in Portland, Maine. She's thrilled, but she can't remember much of what got her there. Pretty boy Ryan only knows it was a mistake and ushers her out the door... into a full-scale zombie apocalypse. Now, a walk of shame becomes a fight for survival as the mismatched pair discovers that the only thing scarier than trusting someone with your life... is trusting them with your heart."


You'll notice a lot of shots around the city of Portland throughout the flick. India Street was used to film some of zombie mobs and car crashes. Other locations include Andy’s Old Port Pub, Coffee by Design, GoBerry Yogurt and the Western Promenade park. Filming was completed in 18 days, wrapping up in early July, 2014. Other scenes were filmed in private Portland area homes and business.

The movie was directed by York native Kyle Rankin. It was funded through Kickstarter.

Rankin won Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s Project Greenlight in 2003. The contest gave Rankin and another Maine filmmaker $2 million to fund a feature film. They would use the cash to film 'The Battle of Shaker Heights' staring Shia LaBeouf.

Rankin's next project is 'The Witch Files.' It's currently in post-production. The flick was filmed at Morse High School in Bath, Maine. Other locations around Bath were filmed, as well as Maine Street in Brunswick, and around Portland.