Sometimes they build tanks, sometimes they build all-terrain wheelchairs.

Howe & Howe Technologies located in Waterboro, Maine builds badass machinery. Brothers, Geoff and Mike Howe have a long list of accomplishments including being youngest people ever to receive a contract with the military. They've built drone tanks for SWAT teams around the country, and tanks for movies. The Peacemaker is featured in Mad Max: Fury Road. Another tank was featured in the G.I. Joe: Retaliation flick back in 2013.

The company was the subject of the Discovery channel show Black Ops Brothers. The show ran for two seasons, ending in 2011.

Their ingenuity seems to know no limits. They even build these insane all-terrain tracked wheelchairs. This isn't your grandad's Rascal scooter. The Ripchair weighs over 1,000 pounds, can crank up a 60% grade and even comes standard with a rifle or fishing rod holder.