We where kinda surprised by this.

What movie filmed here in Maine made the most money? Message in A Bottle, filmed in Phippsburg? Nope. Casper, filmed in Camden? Nope. Shutter Island, filmed in Acadia National Park? Nope. The answer, making $677 Million, drum roll please, Forrest Gump!

It's a great movie, but really? Maine only makes a tiny cameo when Forrest runs to Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde. Can we really accept this as a movie filmed in Maine?

We get it. Many movies are filmed in a lot of different locations. Let's see how much screen time Maine gets in the previously mentioned films.

Much like Forrest Gump, Shutter Island only features Acadia National Park in a small scene where Leonardo DiCaprio’s character climbs up a cliff. So, yeah. No. Sorry Leo!

Every beach scene you see in Message in A Bottle, there's a lot, was filmed in Phippsburg. It certainly features more Maine screen time than the previous movies. However, it only made $189 million. That's $99 million less than who we think is a better fit as the highest grossing film shot in Maine.

Casper is set in Friendship Maine, and was filmed in Camden. Making $288 Million, we think this is a better Maine movie ambassador.