Such is the summer of 2013, it's either blazing hot, or it rains all the time!

Movies are a great way to escape a humid or rainy day, so check out the trailers and showtimes at Bangor Mall Cinemas and listen weekdays at 8:10 for the "Impossible Question" to win your way in.

Hugh Jackman is back in "The Wolverine"-11:45am/2:20pm/4:50pm/7:20pm/10:00pm In 3D-12:45pm/3:45pm/6:30pm/9:15pm

"The Conjuring"-12:30pm/2:50pm/5:15pm/7:50pm/10:15pm

"Despicable Me 2"-11:30am/2:00pm/4:15pm/6:25pm/8:45pm

"Grown Ups 2"-12:25pm/2:45pm/5:05pm/7:25pm/9:40pm

"The Heat"-11:40am/2:25pm/4:55pm/7:35pm/10:00pm

Pacific Rim-11:00am/4:35pm/7:25pm/ In 3D-1:45pm/10:10pm

R.I.P.D.-12:00pm/4:30pm/7:00pm In 3D-2:15pm/9:15pm

Red 2-11:15am/1:40pm/4:10pm/6:45pm/9:15pm