Whether your from away or from right here in the area, chances are you've looked online at restaurant reviews to find a good place to eat.

Take a look at the Top Ten restaurants in Bangor, according to TripAdvisor.com. This list was sorted by "Ranking", by the users of the site.

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  1. Timber Kitchen And Bar - Bass Park Boulevard
  2. Dysart's Restaurant - Cold Brook Road
  3. Blaze - West Market Square
  4. Texas Roadhouse - Stillwater Avenue
  5. 11 Central - 11 Central Street
  6. Moe's Original BBQ -  Broadway
  7. Longhorn Steakhouse -  Hogan Road
  8. Chopsticks - 167 Center Street
  9. Friar's Bakehouse - 21 Central Street
  10. Olive Garden - Hogan Road

Source: TripAdvisor.com