Your lover may leave you, but Netflix wont!

Valentine's Day falls on Saturday which means love birds will flaunting their gross, lovey doveyness, EVERYWHERE! It might be a great night to put a bottle of wine to the face and enjoy copious amounts of video streaming. No matter your view on V-Day, I compiled a list for your solo evening.

If your skeptical about love:

  • Mad Men - We need no further proof that love doesn't last other than Don Draper.
  • Walking Dead - The zombie apocalypse can create weird love triangles, as seen in early seasons. Luckily for us single folks, in later seasons we get watch those love birds get eaten by flesh eating corpses.
  • 30 Rock - Liz Lemon tends to date A LOT of losers. That's why she chooses her couch over a date.
  • House of Cards - Frank ONCE said he loved Claire 'more than sharks love blood.' Awww!!!! Yah, no. This show, shows no love. The third season premiered early! BINGE WATCH AWAY!!
  • Wolf of Wall Street - A movie that perfectly illustrates what a woman thinks you do on 'dudes night out.'

If you're heartbroken:

  • New Girl - Has anyone on that show not suffered extreme heartbreak? Better question: Is there an episode where someone isn't dumped?
  • Arrested Development - Because it could be could've fallen in love with your cousin.
  • American Horror Story (Coven) - Know what really sucks? When every guy you have sex with dies a bloody death...kinda a buzzkill. And that means no cuddling after.
  • Ghost - Because it could be even more worse...your lover could be shanked by a mugger.
  • Bates Motel - THE could have some weird sexual tension with your mom, no thanks...although Norman's mom is hot. Season two just got added! Go cray! But not psychopath cray...

If you're a romantic at heart:

  • The Silver Linings Playbook - Do I have to explain why? Fine I will. Ladies - BRADLY COOPER. Guys - JENNIFER LAWRENCE.
  • Hitch - I don't need to explain.
  • The Office - Workplace lovin' at it's finest and wackiest.
  • Scrubs - How long has it been since you've watched an episode of Scrubs? It tends to vary between love and loss, which I think is a nice verity of pukey loveness and sadness.
  • The Entire 'Romantic Films' Category - Netflix always has a well stocked category with everything, love!

Please keep in mind if you mix wine and some of these titles, you might have a 2AM 'Why am I single?' Facebook meltdown...