The summer blockbuster season reaches it's peak over the 4th of July.

Two new movies open today and several smash hits are still playing at Bangor Mall Cinemas. Listen to the IQ weekdays at 8:10 to win tickets.

Steve Carell returns as the voice of villain-turned-doting father Gru.

Armie Hammer portrays the legendary character and Johnny Depp his trusty sidekick Tonto

Here are show times for Bangor Mall Cinemas.

Despicable Me 11:30am/2:00pm/4:15pm/6:25pm/8:45pm 3D-12:30pm/3:00pm/5:15pm/7:20pm/9:30pm

The Lone Ranger 11:45am/12:45pm/3:00pm/4:20pm/6:35pm/7:45pm/9:45pm

The Heat 11:40am/2:30pm/5:00pm/7:35pm/10:10pm

Monsters University 11:00am/1:20pm/3:45pm/6:20pm/8:45pm

This Is The End 1:00pm/4:05pm/7:10pm/9:40pm

White House Down 12:30pm/3:30pm/6:50pm/10:00pm

World War Z 11:45am/2:15pm/4:50pm/7:30pm/10:00pm

Man of Steel 11:15am/2:45pm/5:45pm/8:45pm