Two new summer blockbusters open today at Bangor Mall Cinemas!

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock star as an FBI agent and a Boston cop, who form an unlikely duo, who attempt to take down a drug lord in "The Heat"

Channing Tatum is a cop who comes to the aid of the U.S. president after the White House is invaded in "White House Down"

Here are showtimes!

The Heat- 11:40am/2:30pm/5:00pm/7:35pm/10:10pm
White House Down 12:30pm/3:30pm/6:50pm/10:00pm
World War Z 11:45am/2:15pm/4:50pm/7:30pm/10:10pm
World War Z 3D 12:40pm/3:30/6:50pm/9:30pm
This Is The End 12:20pm/2:45pm/5:15pm/7:40pm/10:05pm
Man Of Steel 11:15am/2:45pm/5:45pm/8:45pm
Man Of Steel 3D 12:00pm/3:15pm/6:45pm/9:55pm
Monsters University 11:00am/1:20pm/3:45pm/6:20pm/8:45pm
Monsters University 3D 12:15PM/3:00pm/5:30pm/8:00pm
Now You See Me 1:20pm/4:10pm/7:10pm/9:40pm