I was so disappointed when the annual garden show in Bangor started to scale back, and in some instances fail to happen entirely. It has been an eagerly-awaited tradition for me to attend the Bangor Garden Show with Mom and my girls, and we've even been successful in dragging the guys along too.

This week I learned the Bangor Garden Show is coming back with flair.

Personally, I was delighted to hear the news and was excited to get a minute or two to question one garden show vendor about the 2013 show and his preparations.

Steve Elliot of Newland Nursery and Landscape in Ellsworth is excited there's new support for the garden show and he's excited about his landscape exhibit which is already being "forced" for good bloom ahead of schedule.

"I've been waiting a long time for a resurrection," said Elliot. He says new sponsors for this year's show are the Bangor Daily News and Grandville Stone, and the spring-fling theme will feature Maine's outdoor life. He says some new features are going to be crowd pleasers and interactive, especially for the men.

Without giving away big secrets, something about micro brews and putting greens was bantered about in conversation with Elliot.

"Planning, planning, planning," goes into Elliot's life-like, thousand square foot display. He's already brought his plants indoors to get them ready to bloom ahead of their natural schedule. Elliot says he's always loved the competition.

The Bangor Garden Show this year will be held the first week in April. In the past the show has attracted thousands of visitors.