Notice the headline? Instead of counting up the days since Maggie Rudnicki's transplant, WE'RE COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS UNTIL MAGGIE COMES HOME TO MAINE!!!!!!!

That's right, Maggie and Mom, Lauren are planning on returning to Maine, on Tuesday, October 15th if things keep progressing!

As Maggie's Mom Lauren explains

Hi everyone. Maggie had clinic along with her monthly IVIG infusion today and all went well. Long day but otherwise good.

Her c-diff appears to be improving with the meds. She is still struggling with the oral vancomycin but is getting it down.

Her counts look great!

So, this week she sees renal again on wednesday and we will hopefully start weaning her off of the blood pressure patch, then thursday we have clinic again. Clinic again next Tuesday and then if all stays well between now and then we will be moving back HOME after her appointment tuesday!! I am so ready and excited. We will come to Boston every Monday for at least the first 2 weeks we are home and then we will come every other week and see Dr. Fryberger at home in between visits to Boston. Eventually we will space out our trips to Boston to once a month, which will be AWESOME.

I look at Maggie and her little peach fuzz on her head is growing, her lips are pink, she has so much energy..its so hard to believe all she has gone through over the past few months. I am so grateful for how well she is doing. Transplant was by far the hardest thing we have ever done and there were so many days I wondered why did I do this to we are seeing the silver lining and I am just so thankful.


There is another fundraiser scheduled for Maggie's medical and travel expenses. Ruby Tuesday at the Bangor Mall will be hosting a give back weekend for Maggie. It will be the weekend of Oct. 18, 19 & 20th. Their hours are Friday 11-11 pm, Sat. 11-11 pm, & Sunday 11-8 pm. Come help support Maggie and her family. Just copy this flyer and bring it with you. You can print up more flyers to pass out to friends and relatives.