Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Shows Off Naked Baby Bump
Bumpin' and proud!
While Jessica Simpson may have concealed her second pregnancy for a few weeks, now the singer/actress/fashionista is showing off her baby bump and proudly! In a new photo shared on Twitter, Simpson shows off her bare belly.
Jessica Simpson ‘Accidentally’ Got Herself Pregnant Again
The interwebs are ablaze with chatter that Jessica Simpson -- who just seven months ago birthed her first baby -- is "accidentally" knocked up again after a sperm apparently tripped and fell into one of her eggs.
At first we were all "doesn't she know how how babies ar…
Jessica Simpson’s Father Has a 20-Year-Old Boyfriend
Jessica Simpson may have just had a bomb dropped on her. Her dad-a-ger Joe Simpson, who helps her run her multi-million dollar fashion empire, has reportedly confessed to the family that he is gay. On top of that, reports indicate that Papa Joe has a 20-year-old boyfriend. Whoa. That's what we …