Sabrina’s Drive-Thru Karaoke
Happy #throwbackthursday, guys! You know I've been chatting about #carpedunkin a lot recently, so I thought I'd connect the two!
Here is a VERY QUICK (Snapchat) video of me singing one of my favorite's from 1999 while in the drive-thru at the Brewer Dunkin Donuts.
How To Be Successful In B2B Sales
Working at a radio station, we get lots of visitors. People come in all the time to pick up prizes, to be interviewed on the air, to record commercials, to meet with sales reps, to interview AND to sell US stuff.
Parks And Recreation Appreciation With Dunkin Donuts
I had the opportunity to visit Bella at Camp Caper at Brewer Rec last week! One of the camp counselors asked me to come in for Job Share. I gathered up some snacks, bumper stickers, t-shirts and key chains and was on my way.
I spoke to the children about the on-air side of what I do as well as sales.…

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