FINALLY. It’s Survivor season once again, and no, it’s not some crazy new iteration of possibly the greatest game ever created. It’s just plain ol’ classic Survivor.

Sigh. It’s about time.

That being said let me introduce myself. I’m a fan of Survivor. I’ve been a fan of Survivor since the very beginning. Viewing the show has been an important part of my television viewing life. Once upon a time I left a meeting early, and when asked why I was leaving, I unknowingly blurted out, “Survivor starts in 5 minutes.” When everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at me with shock and confusion, I knew I had a problem. And by problem, I mean I hadn’t left early enough.

So, let’s get down to business. What do we know, and what don’t we know about Survivor Philippines?

We know that Survivor has always been known as one of those shows that is constantly reinventing itself to keep up with the ever changing landscape of reality TV. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it honestly doesn’t. I don’t know about you, but “One World” nearly killed my inner Survivor soul. It was the first time I had ever started to lose interest in “the game”, and something tells me I wasn’t alone. It was almost as if you could feel the collective angst of Survivor loyalists breathe a sigh of relief when Jeff Probst unveiled the Philippines preview montage. (RIP One World and Redemption Island, you will not be missed) However, we also learned that this version of classic Survivor would come complete with its very own version of crazy, starting with the castaways.

Season 25 (yes 25) is looking like it will be one of the more exciting seasons we have seen in some time. Tonight’s premiere will give us our first true look at our castaways as they are split into three tribes. Each tribe will consist of new rookie castaways, as well as returning Survivor alums that were once evacuated from the game: Jonathan Penner (Survivor: Cook Islands, Survivor: Micronesia, left game due to knee infection), Mike Skupin (Survivor: Australia, left game due to falling into a camp fire), and Russell Shaw (Survivor Samoa, left game due to low blood pressure from exhaustion and dehydration). Joining our returning alums will be two celebrity contestants: retired MLB player Jeff Kent, and former “Facts of Life” star Lisa Whelchel, as well as a slew of other participants that will surely pan out to be the “usual suspects” that we either love or hate, or love to hate.

What we don’t know is how this group of influential players will mesh with our new castaways. After all, this is the formula that truly makes Survivor worth watching week after week, and keeps us guessing until the bitter end.

So, let’s talk about it. Over the next 13 weeks or so, I will be posting my thoughts before each episode airs, as well as my own recap of that said episode the following morning. I encourage you to comment regularly, pose your own questions and theories, respond to my viewpoints, and on occasion tell me I am absolutely wrong.


What are you looking forward to the most about tonight’s premiere?

Me? The work of art that is, Jeff Probst, as he strategically maneuvers his way through Tribal Council, creating those awkward castaway moments that we have missed for months.


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