I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been this excited for an episode of Survivor since this season premiere. We have seen two previews since last Wednesday night, both depicting a very similar chain of events.

We see the two final tribes battling it out in one of my all time favorite physical challenges from the history books. Here is another shinning example of how Survivor is going back to “Survivor”. As much as I love new and interesting challenges, some tend to be way over complicated and take out the intrigue of the challenge itself. This challenge takes into consideration two of the most important attributes at this point in the game: Can you work as a team, and do you have the endurance to go the distance? This is sure to be another classic match up we won’t soon forget.

Also, we have seen what looks like a possible “alumni alliance” between Penner and Skupin. Is this for real, or just another great Survivor misdirection that would make me tune in regardless of how sadly addicted I am to this show? Whatever the case may be, let’s take a look at how I think this will all play out.

First and foremost – both men, specifically Jonathan, have mentioned the isolation and singular feeling that they have as returning castaways. It’s a stigma you really can’t shake, as it automatically elevates you to a level you can’t come down from no matter what. Your every move is noticed. Each word you speak is analyzed. Of everyone left, people trust you the least, no matter what. So, this ultimately begs the conclusion – these two would be stupid NOT to band together. Now down to two tribes, I’m sure they are starting to feel the heat of either sticking with what they have built, or making a move that will suit them both in the future. These guys aren’t stupid…they get it.

Now, it looks like there is a moment in the very physical challenge we are about to see where both sides are exhausted from battling each other for so long. I’m thinking that at some point during this lull, Jonathan and Michael make their first moves to communicate an “alliance”. Not really the best place to display this friendly gesture, but what the heck, right? All in all, like I said above, when you already have that much against you, desperate times call for desperate measures. It appears others take notice of this communication, thus beginning the fingering pointing, and talk of voting either man off the island. Great, so what?

The biggest problem I see with this is the shift in focus away from the dangerous players that have already been identified. I wouldn’t necessarily call either Penner or Skupin the biggest threats in the game, and what could this “head nod” of an alliance really do until the final merge?

I’m hoping the other castaways realize that by creating this alliance, these two men will only further alienate themselves from the group. How strong does that make them? In my opinion, not very.

The key at this point is to still keep your tribe strong, or if possible, eliminate those that are going to screw you over if they get on the jury. End of story.

Who’s going home tonight: I’d like to think our two alums are safe, so I am going with the Team Insanity voting of RC, or Kalabaw keeping their tribe strong and saying goodbye to Katie.

Who do you think will get the chance to hug Jeff tonight? Share your thoughts below!

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