Ever since the last episode of Survivor: Philippines concluded, I've been thinking about the state of our three returning castaways, and here is what is apparent. One thinks he is sitting pretty with an idol. One is, kind of sitting back, trying not to hurt himself again. And one, may very likely be receiving his one-way ticket off of the island around 8:57pm ET this evening.

Down the Matsing Hole

With the next installment of this season's Survivor saga to begin in about an hour, I am really expecting the self destruction of Matsing to finally take full effect with another immunity loss, and the loss our dear friend Russell. This tribe of misfits (excluding my girl Denise) has never shown signs of performing as a winning tribe should. Lack of communication and passion, or sometimes to much of both, have caused their continued downfall, but will it last into tonight? Honestly, I think it depends on the challenge that we see in Episode 3. Matsing has faltered in all aspects of the previous challenges, but above all, anything that involves running, or pulling...or puzzles...totally knocks them out. From the latest preview, it seems this challenge will be out on the water. Does this give Matsing any hope? I believe so. They have weeded out two extremely physically weak players, so perhaps tonight is the their night. And let's face it, no matter what the circumstances, when you find yourself up against a wall, the only option is to turn it on.

But if my intuition is correct and the prophecy holds true, then I don't see how Russell can survive the night. And after last week's telling vote, I think he knows it.

Check back this Friday for my take on tonight's episode, and be sure to post your comments or questions here on this post!


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