Almost every season of Survivor brings with it that one cast member that just can’t cut it. No, I’m not talking about Zane’s inability to exert himself physically, I’m talking about the mental stability the sole Survivor must have that keeps them from breaking down. There are various examples of this kind of break down happening throughout the other 24 iterations of the show, and it seems we are destined for another.

“The Facts of Lisa”

In this week’s promo spots, we see Lisa Whelchel seemingly stepping right into that unstable role. She is already questioning her presence in the game, and whether it be thoughts of home, the age difference in her tribe, or pure exhaustion and lack of sleep, it doesn’t really matter. In my opinion, her fate will play out in one of two ways: either she keeps this attitude going throughout tonight’s episode and is the first to go in her tribe, or she gets over herself and proves to be worthy around camp and in challenges, but ultimately gets voted out because of her celebrity status. We know that she came on the show to prove something to herself after being a fan of the show since the beginning. Yet, as I reflected on above, it takes way more than a love for the game to really compete (i.e. our friend Zane). Personally, I’m predicting Lisa can’t keep it together, and subsequently will be the first member of Tandang to be voted off. There I said it.

“Hello Denise, I’m Listening”

Last week, I told you to look forward to my next post as I would be divulging my opinion on who already has this whole game thing in the bag. Are you ready? This one shouldn't surprise you.

Denise. Yup, our favorite sex therapist on prime time television will be the next Sole Survivor. (bookmark this page so you can reflect back on this moment in the months to come!)

So, why Denise? Well, like I said, this one is pretty easy. If you paid any attention at all to the premiere and got to know Denise, you already know she is an accomplished speaker and listener. She has the ability to hear you out, and give you a response that really makes you think and say, “Oh yeah, you’re right,” and you completely forgot what your problem was in the first place. After all, she makes a living hearing the most intimate portions of her client’s lives, dealing with these petty quarrels and personal dislikes should be a cake walk for her to maneuver through. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, pay close attention tonight as we will surely see more of the same from Denise.

Do you have an early pick in mind? Share your thoughts with everyone below, and be sure to check back at the end of the work week for my thoughts on tonight’s episode.


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