Episode 4 of Survivor: Philippines brought with it the fourth straight immunity challenge loss by our favorite bunch of failures, and lots and lots of full on crazy brought to you by all three tribes. Even though I ‘misfired’ with one of my weekly predictions (Hey Matsing, you once again made yourselves look bad. But what’s worse? You made me look bad. Thanks pals.) it paled in comparison to some of the other misfortunes by some of or castaways. But first, lets address a very important game changing moment that I think we all found very fascinating…


Not only did this kid finally learn English, he actually was caught talking to some of his tribe mates…and…became a pivotal member of an alliance? Is this real life? I don’t think we have ever seen someone take so long to make their presence known, on a show that is dependant on social interaction. All kidding aside, maybe the joke really is on us? Not only did Carter speak, he verbally committed to an all male alliance with his Kalabaw buddies. It would also seem like Jeff Kent is the teacher in this situation, and had already taken Carter under his wing, which should prove to be a pretty clutch move on Kent’s part. He has cited before that he feels threatened by his age (and possible injury) compared to his young, spry, Kalabaw members, so aligning himself with a veteran and an idol, along with a young physical player makes these three true threats post merge. Considering they all stay together on the same tribe, and Kent’s knee and Penner’s ego stay healthy, Carter may also have additional chances to prove he does exist on the show.

Abi McCrazy…

Perhaps most of the focus thus far has been on the Matsing tribe’s inability to do anything right, but as far as I’m concerned, Tandang is stealing the show. This week we got to enjoy a great play by Pete, accompanied by an additional blow up by Abi-Maria that once again had zero substance and no real logic what so ever. This one is very simple to break down, but much more difficult to predict how it will play out.

I’m of the strong opinion that the individual hidden immunity idol was the single greatest addition to the game, bringing with it the added tension and drama that any game show would welcome. Indeed, it was Pete that stuck the idol clue in RC’s belongings, sticking out just enough for someone to notice…for Abi to notice…for Abi to freak out about. Abi - you have completely lost your mind in the most insane way imaginable. Do you not remember RC sharing the clue with you in secret, and you taking that knowledge for your self, finding the idol for yourself, completely leaving out your partner in crime. This chick is totally nuts. I don’t blame RC for reacting the way she did, after all, she knew she didn’t leave the clue out in the open.

Above all - excellent move, Pete. Very well done. This guy really does have things under control as he continued to be Switzerland in the “You’re dead to me” war of words. Things are still way to early to see how this whole thing is going to play out, but I truly believe Abi is way to fixated on herself, and RC is so pained by the experience of her early alliance fizzling in the wind, that both will be picked off by Pete before they even know what happened.

And then, there were two…

Don’t lie to yourself, you knew it would be Russell that would go next if Matsing was to lose once again. Sure we saw some ho hum “I’m voting for Malcolm”, “I’m voting for Denise” misdirection back at camp, but when the going gets tough, you stick with your core alliance. Still, Russell seemed shocked when his name was read for the second time, sealing his exit at tribal council.

But maybe it was more pain than it was shock. After all, Probst had effectively brought Russell back down to Earth earlier when he told him he was in fact, not Superman. Maybe somewhere inside himself, Russell knew he didn’t have it in him this time. He was definitely not in peak physical condition endurance wise as one might think he would’ve been. There were many instances when he really just couldn’t keep up, mentally or physically. His final challenge pretty much sealed the deal, with his latest temper tantrum escalating to a purely childish moment that seemed to shock everyone around him. Honestly, I do feel kind of bad for the guy, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that he thought he could hack it once again in a game that already beat him once.

I wonder if Russell has any regrets? No wait, that’s impossible, he can’t have regrets, because he has always done his absolute best in every possible way, every chance that he can. He is the best…at lasting 2 weeks. Welcome to the crazy corner, our latest member, Russell Swan, and godspeed.