I might be visiting home a lot more!

I was shocked to read that Bath (one town over from my hometown) has an opportunity to have a strip club in town! Considering Bath has VERY limited nightlife options it's quite a big step! Bath has two bars that I can think of.

However the town was caught with their pants down (pun intended) in the legal sector. Bath city council voted 6-2 for a moratorium on 'adult use establishments.' The six month ban is a temporary solution for the town to look into the idea of that kind of establishment in town.

The response is mixed. Some feel it could be a great economy boost, some have already started complaining.

As a long time resident of the area I think the club could bring in new money for the city. The nightlife scene is virtually non-existent in the city. The 21+ crowd has no local options to spend their money. Bath is a big tourist destination in summer months, which could add big bucks.

Right now Bath only has an adult business ordnance, regarding retail sale and display of 'adult devices and materials.'