The digital age is putting the hurt on drive-in movie theaters.

The Skowhegan drive-in is hoping to join the digital age with a Stephen King movie marathon in August. With most production companies phasing out 35-milimeter film, cash strapped theaters are struggling to make the conversion.

Digital projectors run for about $80,000, far more than the seasonal drive-in can afford. The Skowhegan drive-in hopes to raise the cash it needs to make to conversion, and stay open, with the movie marathon.

It's set for August 1st and 2nd. It will be showing King greats like 'The Shining,' 'Carrie,' 'Creep Show' and 'Pet Sematary.' Tickets are $50 per car or $150 for up front VIP tickets. Roughly 350 spots are available per night.

The Skowhegan drive-in is open for it's 60th season. It first opened its doors in June, 1954.